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app股份2019年1月大事件回顾|BIG NEWS IN JANUARY Part.1 2019-03-27


News in January


The 2019 Annual Planning Conference and Evening Party was successfully held


On January 3rd, 2019, the annual planning meeting and the evening party of Korrun came to the end. At the 2019 annual planning meeting, Mr. Fan Jinsong, Chairman of Korrun Group, Mr. Zhang Shuo,CEO of Runmi, Mr. Wang Haigang, CEO of B2B Business Group, and Mrs. Ding Lijun,CFO of the Korrun Group, gave brilliant speeches. In addition, the Best Team, Best Person and Best Newcomer of the Year were awarded certificates in recognition of their contributions to the company over the past year.

This year's evening party was even more original, a feast of the China style aroused the enthusiasm of all people.


Korrunwon the Round Table Award


On January 12th, 2019, according to the "Board of Directors" of Phoenix Media, Korrun was awarded the "Board Value Creation Award",which is the Round Table Award. At the same time, Mr. Fan Jinsong, the chairman of the Group, was awarded the title of "Chairman with the most strategic vision". Korrun obtained such honor, which shows the public's recognition and expectation of the company, and also affirms the management team of the company.


Korrun won the Top Ten Suppliers of the MINISO


On January 19th, 2019, the Top Ten Suppliers of the year were selected and certified by MINISO. After winning this honor in 2017, Korrun once again took the stage to receive the award and won the honorary title of “Top Ten Suppliers” of 2018. It’s the recognition for Korrun of chasing ultimate user experience and product quality. It’s also the affirmation and encouragement for Korrun to become a world-class travel consumer goods company.


Runmi won the Science and Technology Innovation Award


On January 18th, 2019, Runmi Technology was awarded the title of "Science and Technology Innovation Award" at the award meeting sponsored by Xinqiao Town Government. Runmi Technology has been committed to making users’ travel more intelligent and comfortable. This Award for technological innovation was the recognition and the spur for Runmi. Runmi would adhere to the company's development philosophy and design travel products that are more in line with consumer needs.


More than 400 deputies of Chuzhou National People's Congress visited Korrun production base


On January 22th, 2019, more than 400 deputies of Chuzhou National People's Congress visited our factory. Fan Lijuan led the company's senior executives to receive a warm reception and the NPC delegates visited the production line of our factory. After experiencing the 90Fun products of our own brand on the spot, they praised them and consulted the purchase methods. At present, during the two sessions of Chuzhou, the products of our company have been fully displayed with the opportunity of the visit of the NPC deputies.


Korrun Shanghai development center 2018 annual meeting


On January 26th, 2019, the annual meeting of Shanghai Korrun research and development center was successfully held. The conference summarized the research and development achievements of 2018 and the work plan for the next year. At the same time, the partners of the research and development center also presented wonderful programs, and the atmosphere was quite active.


90Fun in support of the Stray Earth premiere

2019年1月28日,电影《流浪地球》在北京正式举行了电影发布会暨首映礼,90分 x《流浪地球》主题合作款系列旅行箱也作为官方授权合作伙伴正式亮相,并作为官方礼品由电影出品方赠送给了各位电影主创们。

On January 28th, 2019, the movie Stray Earth officially held a press conference and premiere ceremony in Beijing. The 90Fun& Stray Earth theme cooperation series suitcase was also officially presented as an authorized partner, and was presented as an official gift by the film producer to the film makers.


Visit the employees in need before the Spring Festival.