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Campus Recruitment

Trainee Programis a new talent cultivation program launched by Korrun mainly to targetpotential excellent talents with thebachelor’s degree or above.Systematic training is provided to helpthem familiarize with the Company’s overall business operation, procedureand management as soon as possible,helping them become integrated advanced talentsthat the Company needs.

In order to combinepersonal career development, the Company will provide the trainees with properpositions, including but not limited to, business department, market department, HR department, financial department, design department, supply chain management department and other positions in functional modules, helping them rise to challenges, elevatethemselves, and reach the climax of their personal career.

The recruitment of Korrun trainees has been activated. From now on, you can submit your CV via the website or Email. If you meet the essential requirements ofthe trainee, we shall contact you and arrange the interview at first time. We welcome all the new collegegraduates with spirits of innovation, cooperation, dedication and progress-making to join us for a better future.

Are you the one we are looking for? Apply now!

Training Plan

Our training objective is to give you:

Professional knowledge, logical thinking ability, communicational influence, quick learning ability, environment-adaptioncapability, stress tolerance…

Recruitment Procedure:

Application Requirements:

  • 1. Current year’s collegegraduateswithbachelor’s degree or above;
  • 2. Good written and spoken English; excellent language communication;
  • 3. Remarkablelearning capability and strong desire for success;
  • 4. Good capability in communication, cooperation and team work, excellent adaptive capacity and anti-pressure ability;
  • 5. Keen insight, clear thoughts, good logical thinking ability;
  • 6. Optimistic, steadfastand generous character, being hard-working and highly adaptive;
  • 7. Be willing tostart at thebase level.

You shall get:

  • 1. The opportunity to fullyand comprehensively demonstrate your potential abilities;
  • 2. A flexible, non-ceiling capped and sustainablechannelfor career development;
  • 3. The environment and opportunity with full trust and comprehensive support to take on heavy responsibilities;
  • 4. Comprehensive and competitive compensation and benefitsin return;
  • 5. Various training, flexible work time, and fitness CLUB;
  • 6. Guidance and lead by experienced higher managers;
  • 7. Systemic trainingfor corporate culture, professionalism, and management knowledge.

Contact us:

  • Email: hr@ghalavalley.com
  • Address: 5/F, Building 14, No. 518 Xinzhuan Highroad, Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, Songjiang District, Shanghai